Vintage Washed Military Short Brim Hat

Vintage Washed Military Short Brim Hat



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Like rugged and rough looks? Try this cap with pre-washed military fabric. Crafted with the best quality material, this smart short brim cap can really make you the style icon. Made to impress, this stylish yet comfortable style accessory can be the one that would create avant-garde look for you. Enjoy all the attention with this eye catching style accessory.

Comfortable and durable, this cap would be your companion for many years and you would simply say wow! Wear it with any of your casual wears and enjoy people eyeing on you. Enhance your looks and make people think of you as a style icon with such amazing style accessories. Men often need only a few accessories. But when they buy they surely think of style and look. Here’s a perfect combo of look, feel and style that would just make you impressed. Wear the right attire and accessorize yourself with the perfect style accessories and see how you can be the next style icon.


  • Uber-Cool Rugged Men`s Vintage Military Short Brim Cap-hat
  • Rugged and pre-washed military fabric with a touch of vintage vibe
  • Short brim and adjustable belt at the back to ensure your comfort
  • Easy to be incorporated into any uber-cool casual wardrobe

Never Miss out this Cool Vintage Military Short Brim Cap.

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