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watch 28
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Blue face and chronological design can really give you the best grooming option. Try this smart and stylish watch with metal strap and see how you can keep yourself on the top of the fashion chart. Highly creative and sober in design, this watch can be the one that would provide you with an altogether new look. You deserve to get all that is best. Try this wrist watch now and see how you can manage to look cool.

Refreshing in size and perfect in looks, this thing can really offer you with the best design. Men who love smart styled watches should try this one so as to keep in touch with the right style. Embrace the right fashion and see how you can turn out to be a super stylish man. Goes well with both formal and informal attire, get this watch right now. Do not miss out the opportunity.


  • Oversized big square metal frame with luxurious metal strap
  • Refreshing blue face, chromo design, very cool hour hand.
  • Has a powerful style force

This is something that make you stand-out, check it out! Strongly recommended!!


Bezel : 4cm(1.5") x 4cm / Strap Breadth: 2.5cm(0.9")

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