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If you love staying independent in life then show off the same with a few accessories that you love. Men often use accessories that are stylish. They don’t want too much. But whatever they use, it is meant to be classy. Here’s something that will really offer you a cutting edge. Crafted with the best quality materials, this watch gives you a sporty and vintage styled look. Vibrant in style, this watch does sport the right attitude and comes with a leather strap. Durable and long lasting, you got to find the right stuff for your attitude. Go get this thing right now.

It is true that this accessory comes with an oversized frame, but it really looks cool. Self winding and a completely vintage themed watch, this is something that is apt for any man who wishes to enhance masculine allure. Crafted to impress, get this smart stuff right now.


  • Vintage-inspired oversize frame.
  • Self-winding mechanical movement that operates along with wearer's movements.
  • Visible ratchet wheel that can be observed, two independent movements that display date and month.
  • Secure knob setter and finished with genuine leather strap.
  • You have to disassemble the secure lock on the right to adjust time.

This luxurious watch will looks great with any contemporary lifestyle while adding confidence to your image.

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