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Do you love sporting unique and smart look? If yes, then try these urban styled cool sunglasses that would not only provide protection to your eyes from sun, but would also impart you with the best looks ever. Pentagon shaped lenses, these cool thing would impart you comfort always when you go out in sun and the best thing is, it bears stud accent. Be the one who knows how fashion is supposed to be and what you ought to have in your closet.

Comes with the highly durable soft case to keep the sunglasses, these are superb and would give you a perfect look whenever you go out in sun. You ought to have this smart thing in your closet. Go and get it now. Whatever skin tone or face shape you have, you would look good in this pair of sunglasses. Get it right now and enhance your looks. Be the real fashion icon. Just wear this and sport the right style. Created to impress, these sunglasses do give you an altogether new look.


  • Stylish Stud Accent Modish Uber-Cool Oversized Sunglasses
  • Crafted from highly durable acetate frame that won't get damaged easily.
  • Handsomely designed with pentagon shaped lenses, stylish stud accent.
  • Work for all skin tones and face shapes
  • Suits well for both sexes
  • Comes with a soft case.

Luxurious sunglasses that you will love for 24/7.

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